Author, copywriter, humorist, satirist, writer, editor, audio visual and media creator. Who deals with the energy impact phenomenon through media on the public and contemporary society by multifunctional work.

Being able and multitalented, with many parallel interests represent the basis for his future professional orientation. Electronic media, as well as, social and market communications.

Since the early days dealing with the creative copyrighting, stage and audio visual work. Admirer of original, quality ideas and other representatives of the profession. The knowledge and insights that were gained, were acquired and continue to be acquired from the best.

In order to give the society what it lacks, high quality and original media creative project, launched operation of its own media "Radio 103" which began broadcasting on October 3, 1989. He created, not by accident, the first private radio station in Subotica, Vojvodina, Serbia and Yugoslavia. He is its Founder, Director and Editor in Chief. He emphasizes that all these years, he has been mainly the author and creator, an admirer of other authors and creators, as well as, an uncompromising patron of the rights that result from this.

about me

Author of hundreds of ideas, scenarios and screenplays for documentaries, cultural programs, customs programs, programs for children, commercial and entertainment program forms that were the basis on which almost 200,000 hours of program has been realized and broadcasted.

Art director, copywriter and designer of hundreds of slogans, jingles, commercials and other advertising forms.

Concept creator and producer of more than 60 original copyright sections, shows, programs and specialized projects.

He raised interest, trained and employed more than 150 people in the media field.

The initiator and advisor to others to start their own media and courageously embark on the adventure of the creative contributions to civilization, the highest level of development of material and spiritual culture.

Cooperated with PBS Radio Belgrade, PBS Radio Television of Serbia, PBS Radio Novi Sad and other electronic and print media.

Member of the Journalists' Association of Serbia and the International Federation of Journalists.

Radio103 Radio103 Radio103

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